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Workshops in East Village Playhouse

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Workshops at East Village Playhouse

Unscripted Leadership Workshops

 with Robert Galinsky

About Unscripted Leadership


Robert Galinsky is a master at delivering entertaining ideas and exciting techniques that revolutionize the way we think about leadership.

The “script” of our lives is always changing, and Robert challenges us with fun interactive workshops and presentations where we master spontaneity and learn to optimize life’s curveballs. Through theater games, leadership training, and insightful anecdotes from appearances on MTV, E! Entertainment, The VIEW, and from working creatively with 50 Cent, Jamal Joseph, Nile Rodgers, Jay O. Sanders, and many more, Galinsky gets participants to rethink their own obstacles so they can identify and take ownership of their personal greatness. Break through uncertainty, frustration, and fear, and captivate, motivate, and endear listeners with ease and style.





Attendees Become "Unscripted Leaders" Who Will…

  • Learn to be “in the moment” with an audience, energize an audience, connect with their listeners in their authentic voice, like never before

  • Know the methods and behaviors that create camaraderie with classmates, teammates, and audiences

  • Understand and take ownership the "qualities of greatness" that they already possess, and better accept inevitable failures, big and small, and turn them into learning and fuel for success

  • Master the art of the interview, from both sides of the desk, and excel in media, job, and school interviews

  • Command and excite any live audience from the podium to the conference room, the stage, and one-on-one conversations, and activate listeners to take action and be motivated to move on their messages

  • Understand their social media voice so it is "sticky" and penetrates the online noise

  • Be able to constantly update their talks with current issues and anecdotes, and understand the value of doing so

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About Robert Galinsky

Robert Galinsky is founder of, head speaker coach at TEDxTeen and TEDxFultonStreet, and works with teenagers in Rikers Island Jail, and jails and prisons throughout New York state through and the organization Literacy for Incarcerated Teens. His one-person play "The Bench, A Homeless Love Story" recently played nine sold out weeks at Off-Broadway's Cherry Lane Theatre and is currently extending at East Village Playhouse.