The CityKids Foundation

Workshops in East Village Playhouse

The CityKids Foundation

Workshops at East Village Playhouse

DJ School for Girls

with DJ CherishTheLuv



Radio Hosting workshops with DJ CherishTheLuv puts mics in the the hands of young minds so they can learn how to speak up, ask questions, and spark thoughtful conversations with one another about today’s issues. In this workshop, we will be crafting a season of episodes featuring mentors, celebrities, and public figures as interviewees that will be recorded for podcast and streamed live via Facebook.



DJ School for Girls with DJ CherishTheLuv isn’t just a workshop to teach girls how to mix music, but we will also be teaching girls how to turn up their own volume and spark people into dance mode! Huffington Post-featured Music Missionary, DJ CherishTheLuv teaches confidence and strength building under the guise of DJ-ing with methods she has used teaching girls locally and internationally. The final for this class will be a dance party for cancer survivors, DJ-ed by the students.

To learn more about DJ School for Girls, contact CityKids at the link below