What the Critics Are Saying about AMERICAN TRANQUILITY


“FOUR STARS!!! ...a truly impressive performance on the part of Mr. Damiano. Armed with a writer’s ear for capturing dialogue and an actor’s flair for delivery, he makes his characters impressively real and uniquely vibrant. - Stanley, Achmed, Morgan and Ronnie are each so well defined and engaging on their own, it’s easy to get lost in the performance. - Mr. Damiano’s performances generate enough energy to keep anyone captivated. American Tranquility presents a vertical slice of American society that’s just as messy and complex as the realthing. It’s also a witty and absurd breakdown of both sides of thecountry’s “great divide". Whether you have a taste for social commentary or just love good old-fashioned character work, don’t miss American Tranquility. - …an exceptional piece of theatre.”

James Bartholomew, All About Solo


"American Tranquility is probably one of the best one-person shows that I’ve ever reviewed, both in terms of its performance and its concept. The brainchild of the highly talented character actor Daniel Damiano, this show explores many of the social, political and cultural divides that pervade America. - The play does a very fine job at exploring the division in modern American society on a very human level, and Damiano seamlessly pulls off each of the four individual performances of the characters in his show."  

- Anthony J. Piccione, OnStage Blog