The Listening Series

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Join us for a rare, intimate live band vibe session with Toni Blackman, Jah Baba, Jerome Jordan, Jeremiah Hosea, Alex Durant, Stephanie J-Note, S-Sense. Bring friends and soak in the vibrations.

Bring Your Percussion Instrument, or any acoustic instrument, and join us for a day of storytelling by Jah Baba, African Spiritual Drummer, visiting NYC from Benin. Jah Baba shares stories about his Grandmother’s support of his artistry, and how the family of “talking drums” of West Africa have significant spiritual meaning. Special guests include Poet/MC Toni Blackman, who will lead the closing musical community meditation. Bring friends and soak in the ancient vibrations.

You are Invited to join Acapella Facilitator Alison Goodno and Public Speaking Coach DJ CherishTheLuv for THE MELODIC SELF. This free 90-minute workshop is designed to help convert fear into Energy, and Uncover and Empower Your Message and Style. Let’s find that beautiful Melody inside You. For Singers, Non-Singers, Spoken Word Artists, For Poets, For Activists, For Dreamers. All Ages, All Levels, All Languages, ASL included, are WELCOMED!

As seen on HuffPost, Alex Altomonte, spiritual guide and medium to children and adults, is offering up a group reading and learning session on how to listen to that inner guidance we all have. At age 4, Alex understood that he had a strong inner voice from within, a gift his Cuban Grandmother also had, but kept it hidden and buried until his teen years. Listening to his guide now, as an adult, has brought forth clarity, happiness and expansion to his life, and he wants others to experience the same. Alex has been called on by schools to help parents understand how to be nurturing when their child has a very strong inner voice. Join us for an exciting evening of readings, enlightenment and community listening.